2. Looper

This is not a review. It’s just an opinion piece where I point out my favourite parts of a movie.

I choose the movies randomly and without any background information about them. Yet, I find that both the movies I chose are somewhat futuristic and sci-fi in nature, not a genre in my comfort zone. It was still an amazing watch which can keep the audience hooked and at the edge of their seats throughout. A thriller by nature, the scenes with the killings were a bit gruesome and naked but not very harsh. It’s the story of ‘Loopers’ a group of killers hired by a future city crime syndicate to kill and dispose bodies that they send to the past. However, it was more of a one-time watch for me. The things I really liked in this movie were:

  • Paradox of time travel: While the concept of time travel in itself has been a well explored topic, I love the way this movie brings out the paradox of time. The way the memories of the future Joe clear or get cloudy as the present Joe does or experiences something. This is brought out clearly when Seth is punished by the syndicate in a manner that parts of his body gets cut off and those parts start missing from the body of the Seth from future who gets stuck in the present. This whole thing hints at the idea that every action has it’s consequences. As the present changes, the effect is clearly seen in the future bodies.

images (2)

  • Action and consequence: Future Joe has travelled back in time to kill a child who grows up to become the ‘Rainmaster’, a guy closing all the loops by sending the loopers their own future self to kill which ends a looper’s contract with the firm. He himself doesn’t know much about the kid except that the child had a traumatic past and saw his mother being killed in front of him. When the child is identified as a boy called Cid, possessing special powers, future Joe chases and corners the boy and his mother. It is only then that present Joe sees the cycle. He introspects and sees himself in that small boy, he sees his own mother standing as a barrier between the killer and himself, and he can imagine the child growing up to become a killer the same way he is one. He understands the circle of certain actions leading to certain ends and that helps him make his choice.


  • Good within the evil: The movie starts with scenes of Joe shooting people as they appear in the middle of the farm at an allocated time without batting an eye. Yet, we see that he has a dream. He learns French and dreams of moving to France. He wouldn’t possibly gain much audience support for selling out his best friend but he is shown to be sympathetic towards Suzie, a prostitute at the bar he frequents. This could be because Suzie, being a single mother, reminded him of his own mother who had abandoned him as a kid for lack of money. Although in the beginning Joe takes shelter in Sara’s farm to wait for the future Joe, whom he planned to kill in order to get back to the life he lived, eventually, he is seen being protective towards the mother and son. It’s difficult to assume if this too is because they reminded him of his lost childhood. In this case, Cid is the one to extend the hand for friendship and his kindness and caring nature could have won the emotional side of the strong-hearted Joe, who kills himself to protect the child. In the sub-plot, we see Cid as a child with destructive supernatural powers which he is unable to control. Yet, the only time he is able to control it is when he hears his mother asking him to. He stops destruction for the love he bears towards his mother. The message might not be a dominant theme of the movie but it’s there.

images (3)

Looper, as a movie, did receive a lot of appreciation and had been recommended to me by several friends, yet I feel like haven’t been able to tap into the real energy of the movie. Hopefully, I’ll understand it a bit better once I discuss it with others.


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